Design Thinking and Social Entrepreneurship

Has social engagement always to be voluntary only? Is it reprehensible, to earn money with it? To our point of view not, quite the contrary! Profitability and economic viability are rather the keys to make social engagement possible and to enable multiple offers for a good cause.

On the 28th and 29th of November our new colleague Marianne Maneta and me were invited to participate as advisors in a “Social Impact Lab”, very well organized by SocialImpact and sponsored among others by Deutsche Bank.

In 8 teams present challenges of already established social enterprises were discussed and led to possible measures by the methods of Design Thinking. These 8 social enterprises engage themselves e.g. in mobility concepts for handicapped people, in inclusive living and life concepts and many other areas.

We joined the teams of Ackerdemia and Elben to take care about their specific challenges. Ackerdemia offers education programs by today at some 300 German Kindergartens and schools, to sensibilize kids and youngsters for their responsible exposure with nature and food and aims to have one thousand education locations with 3 years contracts by the end of 2019. Elben offers a meeting point and bistro project, to help refugees from Syria to integrate themselve into our society and our working environment. Their challenge is, to concretize the value chains they offer.

We really enjoyed the team work and the results are most inspiring for us. It has proven, that social entrepreneurship becomes a sustainable and reliable offer to the benefit of our society, right when it is planed under economic and profitability aspects. The applied methods don’t differ from the ones, useful for “common” startups.

Krause3PM will continue to engage ourself in social entrepreneurship.