Lecture series – Corporate processes

The biggest challenge for a startup is not to be a startup any longer!

On September 6th we started at FirstFriday a three-part series of lectures. Under the title “From the garage to the company” we will discuss, how to become a stable enterprise and reliable partner for customers, business partners and co-workers, ready to grow sustainably. During the first evening session we focused on corporate processes and why it is required to plan, define and implement processes for all corporate activities.

Quality is the key!

On October 4th we will take a closer look on what quality means and on how to implement a quality management system QMS in a company and in November then, we will finalize the series with the topic “Digitalize it! CRM – at least”.

Right even with this first evening session it became clear again how important it is, to win the customer’s, supplier’s and bank’s trust through reliability, availability and quality. Only by reliably fulfilling contractual obligations the business partners will win trust and purchase the offered products or services. From this a startup earns “real“ money, which can be reinvested into the startup. Only by this a startup can take the final hurdle and become a growing young company.

Once again FirstFriday was the right platform and after the lecture a vivid and interesting discussion started, if a startup should follow the revenue-model or seek to collect venture capital first.

We agreed, the customer’s money is the best to finance a startup!

FirstFriday now in Luxemburg and Mexico too!

FirstFriday is such a successful format, that further clusters have been established in Luxemburg and Ajijic/Mexico. In Luxemburg the artist Sonja Soyer took the initiative and invited for the first FirstFriday in Luxemburg. In her studio some 16 participants from many countries met. Under Sonja’s guidance they applied creative arts to focus on „how to break new grounds even under hindering circumstances“.