Zixio Cognitive Systems

Zixio Cognitive Systems - Humanize your online communication!

We are a young Berlin based enterprise and we have specialized on the development of uniquely new cognitive systems. Our technology sets the cutting-edge scales in verbal online communication between internet vendors and searching clients, who aim to buy goods or seek first advice and orientation on the offers of a service provider.

Our systems can be easily and quick integrated, fed with your expert know-how and adapted to campaigns and special offers.

Zixio Cognitive Systems makes online advisory agile and alive, efficient and effective! No more enervated customers any longer, who give up searching your internet offers they get no expert advice.



We work closely with Krause3PM since more than three years now and draw from them our know-how about setting up an industry-grade software production, developing our product planning processes and our service and maintenance concept for our field stock. Furthermore, we get professional support on planning and developing our partner-eco-system consisting of suppliers, cooperation partners and clients. Krause3PM stands with us with support and advice on all issues of business development.