Young Enterprises

Young Enterprises - the next step

After all hurdles are taken, a startup has established itself at the market and becomes a young enterprise. Belonging to the scene is no longer a benefit but rather a threat. Startups are deemed to be unstable, not mature and unreliable.

The task now is, to stabilize the company, to build-up an own performant Partner-Eco-System and to become a reliable and sustainable business partner for customers and all suppliers, cooperation partners, subcontractors and last but not least for the own employees.

This stability is inevitable for growth and prosper of a young enterprise on its way to become an established player at the market.

Krause3PM helps you to achieve this goal by introduction of industry-grade process and business management. By this you will achieve readiness for ISO-compliance finally.


Required Processes

  • Supply Chain (procurement, logistics)
  • Order management and fulfillment
  • Quality assurance
  • Product and roadmap planning
  • Trade Compliance Management
  • Partner-Eco-System
  • Sales and aftersales
  • HR-Management & recruiting
  • Decide on required processes
  • Define team and targets
  • Implement processes
  • Implement required Business-IT
  • Document and train staff
  • Test processes on standard cases
  • Improve and finalize
  • Present, decide and launch
  • Delegate tasks to staff
  • Control processes and results
  • Control process interfaces
  • Monitor application of Business-IT
  • Periodic staff training
  • Apply Continuous Improvement Process
  • Maintain all processes
  • Report, decide and improve

Our support


esign of business processes and Quality Management Systems QMS, decision on required processes, pragmatism and minimalism for an efficient and effective process landscape.


uild-up of process landscape, migration of existing jobs and doings, rollout and integration, test and optimization of pre-selected test cases, launch preparation for normal operation.


peration with designated personnel, onboarding, surveillance (avoid bypassing), process monitoring and maintenance, Continuous Improvement Process, preparations towards ISO-compliance.