Tiwari Scientific Instruments – Connecting Space and Earth

We are a Spin-off from the European Space Agency ESA

TIWARI Scientific Instruments is a spin-off of the European Space Agency (ESA) and is a hardware-oriented company with focus additive manufacturing (AM) on metals and ceramics, thermal conductivity instrument for testing of materials, and technology transfer.

Core competences

RAPTOR is an AM-based technology for the cost-effective production of ceramic and metal parts. The process uses specially fabricated filaments with ceramic/metal powder content >50% by volume, which are shaped into desired geometry using specially developed in-house FDM printers. These “green parts” are then heat treated to obtain binder-free parts consisting of only metal/ceramics. Parts with relative density of over 99% have been produced with the RAPTOR.

SHIEL3D is a thermal conductivity measurement instrument – based on a space technology – that can determine the thermal conductivity of thermal insulation materials in a matter of minutes and in an extended temperature range from -250°C (cryogenic materials) to 1000°C (fire-resistant materials).

Technology Transfer We specialize in identifying promising technologies developed for space missions for their benefit on Earth (Spin-off) and adopt emerging terrestrial technologies for the space missions of the future (Spin-in). Be it a measurement technology to improve the energy efficiency of homes and offices or a manufacturing solution to help produce lighter and performance-optimised parts for aerospace applications, we are your ideal partner for both space and terrestrial projects, and are always on the lookout for new technical challenges targeted at improving the state-of-the-art.

Tiwari Scientific Instruments and Krause3PM work together to bring space technology into cooperative development projects for terrestrial applications and to build-up the therefore required partner-eco-systems of technology partners, scientific institutes and users.

The goal of this cooperation is to jointly offer technical workshops, research on state-of-art and partnering concepts for potential cooperation and transfer projects.