Story Dialogue: The Key to Real Client Connection.

Helping you reach the clients who need to find you!

Story Dialogue offers consultation services to start-ups, small businesses, freelancers and creatives who are in business to bring change into our world through their work, whether it’s scientific, artistic or holistic. And also make a profit.

A lot of mission-driven businesses have difficulty communicating their ideas and their work, and consequently miss many golden opportunities to connect with the right audience, e.g. via a presentation, networking at trade fairs, website content, pitching, social media posts, etc.

The purpose of Story Dialogue is to help businesses talk about their work effectively and consistently in every context & on every platform, without relying on the old-school hustle-and-hype approach, or have the audience switch off due to jargon & detail overwhelm. The Story Dialogue Process replaces the pervasive monologue of conventional marketing & branding with a powerful alternative. It combines the oldest and simplest forms of human interaction – storytelling & conversation, or dialogue.

As we move into a new and challenging era of doing business, the Story Dialogue Process is a simple and effective communication roadmap to guide you through every stage of creating authentic, meaningful connection with your clients. You will be able to connect human-to-human with those you want to reach through genuine, interactive conversations that generate engagement, give value, build relationships and invite investment.

Since setting up my business in Berlin, Krause3PM has been a valuable resource of personal and professional support. This ranged from advice on how to put a solid foundation in place to practical steps on establishing a business network.