SiQAl – Sourcing the energy transition

Circular Economy & Specialty Materials

Building on decades of experience in the field of high-purity materials, SiQAl introduces a novel production technology that transforms industrial wastes to High Purity Alumina (HPA) & Silicon for tech application.

Process advantages

  • Scalable metallurgical process
  • Cost efficient
  • Valorization of industrial waste

Product advantages

  • Stable, high quality
  • Novel applications
  • Sustainable product


Vision: crossing borders

SiQAl is an application driven company with a strong R&D network to realize never-seen-before processes and products.

Mission: new Materials

SiQAl enables novel business cases by creating new materials through recycling. We contribute to a circular economy and bring sustainability to the special raw materials sector.

Together we have some 40 years of professional experience focusing on high-purity specialty materials for tech applications. Scaling metallurgical processes from lab to factory with insured and stringent quality control through advanced analytics and process control is our business.

We worked with Krause3PM in the terms of an IBB-coaching to prepare negotiations with potential cooperation partners and customers and to develop feasible models for growth strategies. We appreciate the hands-on support by Krause3PM based on many years of industrial manufacturing and partner management know-how they have.

Til Bartel

PhD in solid state physics

Trace high-purity analytics

QC and lean management

Matthias Heuer

PhD in Crystallography & Material Science

Metallurgy, high-purity alloys, recycling