PreFiDo Engineering – Innovative solutions for your energy needs

From the idea to ready for production – we offer you the complete development!

PreFiDo Engineering provides a wide range of development support for all your technical challenges from the initial idea to the ready for mass production design. We work for multiple industries, including automotive, medical technology, consumer electronics, and aerospace applications in compliance with branch specific quality standards.

We specialize primarily in the field of e-mobility, developing innovative solutions for all types of electric vehicles: BEV/PHEV, UAV, and beyond.

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We met Klaus Krause and Krause3PM for the first time on a First Friday event and cooperate for quite a while now. We benefit from the competent support to develop our company and grow our business. Business plans, partnering strategies but support as well on applying for funding programs are in focus of our cooperation.

Application examples

Cell interconnection solutions for battery modules

Signal distribution in highly electrified products

Battery module and battery storage development

Be it pouch, prismatic or cylindric – PreFiDo Engineering develops a suitable solution for a wide range of cell types.

In our designs we use various interconnection types – flexible and rigid assemblies, contacted by welding and bonding, with integrated electronic – to meet customer specific requirements.

Modern cars and devices contain complex connected systems and a wide variety of functions. The narrow installation spaces in cars make the usage of conventional wiring harnesses – which can be miles long – extremely difficult. We generate the optimal electrical infrastructure for your product by the use of modern interconnection technologies.

The modern Li-Ion battery is one of the core components of any modern electrical vehicle, whether personal, commercial, or autonomous, as well as the premiere stationary energy storage system for household or industrial applications.

We offer you customized development of a variety of components, such as battery housing, module interfaces, power distribution units and safety elements.