Oreltech – New metallization inks

OrelTech GmbH is a Berlin-based company that produces and distributes conductive metal inks for printable metallization.

The company was first established in Israel in 2015 but has since been moved to Germany with a focus on the development and manufacturing of novel precious metal particle-free inks. The ink portfolio includes silver, gold and platinum inks, while the team has the expertise to develop other metal inks as well.

OrelTech pioneered a novel platform metallization technology that enables the deposition of high-efficiency metal layers onto a variety of surfaces, including temperature-sensitive plastics, fabrics, paper, composites, and active organic materials. The proprietary technology includes both a novel approach to metallization and novel particle-free ink formulations. This combination offers a multi-level improvement to the production of printed metal electrodes with regards to costs, material economy, energy expenditure, waste generation, and environmental friendliness.

We met Klaus Krause through the IBB Coaching Bonus program.

With his extensive experience and professionalism, Klaus coached us on best strategies to advance our business model and improve our customer acquisition process. The insights and advice we were given helped us refine our business strategy and sharpen our focus in customer relations.



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