LabMaker – Neuroscience, Earth & Ecology

LabMaker is a maker and assembly service for OPEN SCIENCE instruments. OPEN SCIENCE initiatives provide part lists or „Bill Of Materials“ (BOM) for openly available scientific instruments. LabMaker bridges the gap between the BOM and the ready-to-use instrument for those not wanting to build by themselves. LabMaker is based in Berlin, Germany and ships worldwide. Berlin, as a city, is not only amongst the frontrunners for the title „start-up capital of Europe“, but also home to a large diversity of companies rooted in traditional precision manufacturing.

The focus of our cooperation with Krause3PM was on process efficiency and optimization of our partner-eco-system with powerful and cutting-edge cooperation and technology partners.

Krause3PM provided us with many helpful proposals and excellent partners from their extensive partner network.

info (at) labmaker (dot) org