Strategic investors

Many startups and young companies try to establish themselves through the so-called „revenue model“. Maybe they utilize public funding programs, but they avoid any third party capital, because they want to keep their independance. On the other hand this approach – especially when choosen by high-tech-startups – very often causes the required growth to be very slow or even to hold off.

Machines for the production facilities, technical equipment for labs, IT and software or just the required expert personnel are expensive but inevitable to avoid missing the market.

Therefore particularily high-tech-startups need investors, who are not only interested in short-term returns (exit-mode). They are in search for investors, who aim

  • to innovate their own company’s portfolio,
  • to achieve preferential access to new technologies and to help to shape them, or who aim
  • to engage themselves in a long-term, to benefit from the value increase of an establishing new-comer.

These are just some examples for strategic investments and investors, on which our fit4business program aims on.


You intend to invest in a startup or young enterprise? You are a strategic investor?

Our fit4business program is designed for you as well, since it offers to you

  • recommendations form our extend network on high-ranking high-tech-startups,
  • search for suited projects or to
  • prepare an expert report on your favored startup.

This report offers you a qualification of the project in respect to the quality of the business plan, the business presentation and the operational and processual planning. The program’s content is oriented on the requirements for an ISO9001 certification.

Find the right team, minimize your risks or integrate the project properly into your own corporate strategy and processes. Krause3PM refers to many years of professional experience from several merger & acquisition-projects and from coaching of dozens of young companies.

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