First Friday

Who we are!

First Friday is a curated, open and non-commercial network in Berlin for and by entrepreneurs from all around the world and for those, who consider becoming an entrepreneur.

Our Vision

Our Vision is entrepreneurship beyond competition, solely driven by cooperation and co-creativity

Our Mission

Our Mission is, to encourage young people of all nations, cultures and disciplines to interact and cooperate for the sake of common, sustainable. social and economic goals.

Our Values

Our values are tolerance, respect and recognition, no matter who you are or where you come from!

Who you are!

You have started your own business, project or startup already or you are keen to do so! First Friday welcomes all entrepreneurial-minded people of all ages and all nations, cultures, religions, disciplines and professions to join the network to actively participate in its activities. We are proud to have each time participants from 10 to 15 nations in average!

Meet-up – Team-up – Start-up: The First Friday Networking-Event

First Friday takes place each first Friday of a month (except in January) at 6:30 pm with open end at the premises of the MLP-Bank, Jean-Monnet-Strasse 4, in 10557 Berlin. Please refer to Alejandro Wagner ( for your registration, since we are limited to a maximum of 70 participants.

Everybody introduces himself, his interests and goals. We listen to presentations on diverse selected topics, relevant for startups. We have plenty of time to put our heads together and talk about your projects and how we can help each other to accomplish them. Together we get into cooperation and co-creativity and build a sustainable network of friends. We don’t have pre-set goals or any constraints. You decide and organize yourself, on what and to which extend you want to collaborate. At the end everybody gives his personal feedback on the evening.

There is no participation fee, except a bottle of red-wine and some snacks, and for those who join regularly, to invite new participants.

Since many years Krause3PM is active at First Friday. We offer lectures, workshops and give individuel advice to participants on their ideas and projects.