Our friends

Foreword about our friends

This page is dedicated to six very inspiring projects which I’d like to introduce to you, and which we support as best we can. These organizations are not pursuing profitable ends but social ones, and we’re proud to call them friends of Krause3PM.

  1. Educators International                                              A project aiming to teach every child in every developing country to read, write and count.
  2. INAM-Berlin                                                                  A high-tech startup-network of a new kind
  3. die gelbe Villa                                                               An educational institution for children and youngsters
  4. Die Stiftung Entrepreneurship                                  A foundation to support young entrepreneurship
  5. Die Akademie für Potentialentfaltung                     An academy to develop and promote new forms of cooperation
  6. Am@rte                                                                         The co-creative center of the Latin-American startup community in Berlin

Please read on – and if you are as inspired and enthused by these projects as we are, click on the links and get in touch directly with their leaders and shakers. They will certainly appreciate any support you can give them.

FirstFriday by Am@rte

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die gelbe Villa

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Educators International

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