Trueken – Democratizing renewable energy

We are a Berlin based startup company

Our mission is to bring renewable energy technologies and blockchain to the masses.

Trueken provides automated renewable energy supply and management solutions with Blockchain. We solve the initial investment with tokenized equity, so that the owner doesn’t need to invest his own money. Everybody is a potential investor and can be part of the energy transition. With that anyone can become an energy supplier.

We focus on decentralized power plants to sell the energy directly on site. Clients also have the possibility to pay with cryptocurrencies. Even the smallest PV-system can contribute to the energy production and supply over-capacities into the grid. With Trueken the “Mieterstrommodell” (tenant electricity supply model) becomes reality in your neighborhood.

Our vision is, to make renewable energy more economic and available for everybody and we want to transfer our modern technology to developing countries, where very often no stable supply by an electricity grid is available.

We work with Krause3PM to detail our business model and to get in touch with potential cooperation partners or clients in the PV-sector. They support us to find a suited accelerator program, additional team members and to get in touch with other startups for exchanging experiences and information.


The Trueken blockchain solution to democtratize renewable energy.