Match & Connect

Fish seeks bike!

“Fish seeks bike!” sounds absurd but has become a common synonym for searching a suited partner. Indeed, these words originate from an American novel.

The search for the right business partner, especially for cooperation, can be difficult and time consuming. Numberless networks, associations, trade chambers and other organizations offer so-called Match-Making-Events. On top there is a confusing multitude of web-portals, which offer or just promise to be the place to find the right partner.

How to find out which Startup, research institute or company is suited and interested as well, to begin e.g. a joint innovative product development? How to get in touch without sending mails into info@-addresses or having an annoying runaround on the phone?  How many events to attend and exchange business cards until you meet a potential partner, whom – in the end – must be investigated for fit? This is time-killing and inefficient. And not to forget, very often we wear blinders, i.e. we don’t realize unimagined new opportunities with interesting cooperation partners.

You are in search?

Krause3PM helps you to find potential matches from our extend network of industrial enterprises, startups and startup-networks, universities, research institutes other business partners.

But we don’t do the search for you only! First, we evaluate with you the target settings. From our technical and commercial understanding for your interests, products and services as well as our knowledge about those of potential partners, we develop and suggest potential combinations, innovative use cases and possibly new markets to you.

Then we connect you with these partners professionally and arrange and moderate the first meetings, keenly safeguarding the confidentiality conventions. From our long year experience, we can support your projects as mentors too. We will care about building and preparing peer-to-peer teams, developing suited engagement models, providing precise reports and follow-ups on agreed action items, all prerequisite for an effective and efficient investigation on potential cooperation opportunities and the subsequent decisions about it.

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