Coaching & Mentoring


Attendance and Assistance

Deterministic solutions, like in maths, are not available for the duties of daily business execution. Instead, recurring tasks must be fulfilled individually. With our Coaching we attend and assist you to accomplish such tasks.

We also engage our self as mentors in startup-bootcamps and incubator-programs.

Coaching in 5 steps

We suggest conducting the coaching in 5 steps. You will become familiar with well-proven management methods from the practical application on your case and can refer to it on later instances.

Step 1

Preparing seminar or workshop to achieve a common technical basis and terminology.

Step 2

Joint analysis of task, to detemine and agree pre-requisites, way forward, goals and aspired results.

Step 3

Documentation and agreement on aspired results through „Statement-of-Work”.

Step 4

Joint implementation of decided measures.

Step 5

Joint review and concluding report on the results.