About Us

Who We Are

Krause3PM offers valuable knowhow to you. From our professional experience we introduce you to the methods and processes of Business- and Partner Management and their use in daily business. We help you efficiently to develop sustainable relations with your business partners and to build-up a value-creating partner portfolio for your company.

We draw our competence from long years in several responsible operational management and leadership positions in international industrial enterprises. We all worked close with business partners and customers thus being hand in glove with the principles of professional business conduct and “3rd Party Management in Business”!

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is entrepreneurship beyond Competition, driven only by Cooperation and Co-Creativity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to convey our knowhow about industry grade Business Conduct and Partner Management to entrepreneurs.

Our Values

We strongly believe in the Equation of Success = Creativity + Partnership + Fairness

3PM - What is it?

No enterprise is 100% self-supplying all required services and materials. Every enterprise is forced to contract with 3rd parties, to position itself successfully on the market.

Employees, service providers, suppliers and customers, they all form the partner-portfolio of your company, in which contracts define all rights and duties between the partners. Professional development and maintenance of your partner-portfolio is the task and responsibility of the so-called Partner Management. A partner with own and separate status is called “3rd party”. Managing this business relation is “3rd Party Management“, short 3PM.

3PM is required by all enterprises and professionalism in it is the key-factor for your success.

We refer to

Startups, working on their basic business strategies and the set-up of their business ventures.

Young Enterprises, trying to establish themselves at the market and to grow.

Established Enterprises, dealing with the today’s challenges of digitalization, automation, internationalization and innovation.

Each group has to determine on required actions, concepts and roadmaps and develope them. Pragmatic approaches (best practice) are required to implement reliable and industry-grade processes and operations as preconditions to any successful business partnership.

Business Model Canvas


Industry experts with many years of management experience

Value proposition

Knowhow transfer and enabling

Design, build and operate

Analysis and conceptual work

Customer relation

Cooperative and co-creative

Trust, Win-Win, fairness


Networks and partners


Economic promotion

Cost structures

Cooperative of solopreneurs

Minimalistic cost structures

Business model

Individual contracting per time or service

Contracting via IBB Coachingbonus program

Design – Build – Operate

We coach and support you in all phases and tasks of your business!