24th BVMW metal round table

On September 16 the 24th „Metal-Round-Table Berlin-Brandenburg“ took place. Some 20 participants enjoyed the beautiful late summer evening and having a chance for a personal meeting after all this time.

Paul Rehfeld, district manager at BVMW, and the host of the day, the Mevor GmbH, a metalworks company at the northern suburb of Berlin, welcomed the participants warmly and perfectly organized. Organizing a meeting perfectly in times of the Corona pandemic is a true challenge and shall be mentioned explicitly.

After a short presentation about digital sales by a young consultant, the CEO Mr. Schmidt introduced us to Mevor, gave us interesting insights on how they cope with the impacts of the pandemic and showed us round his company.

It was fascinating to learn, that this company too perceives the pandemic to be an opportunity and subsequently introduced technical means – digitalization with VR-technologies – to counter the impacts, to stay in touch with the customers or to win even new clients.

It is the right time thus for innovation, as Dimitry Filatov, CEO of Prefido, outlined too in several talks with other participants. Prefido offers complete e2e engineering solutions including prototyping and small series production in many challenging branches, such as automotive, machine engineering or medical technology.

KrausePM supports Prefido, a fast growing startup, for quite a while now. This support implies to invite our startups to networking events and to go with them into joint conversations with potential customers or cooperation partners.

This is how we focus on best practice instead of discussing it only.

Conclusion: branch specific networking events in a small frame, such as the BVMW-Metal-Round-Table, ar particularly important to manage such a crisis better.

Therefore, I want to address my special thanks once again to Paul Rehfeld for his insistence and organization.