Greentech Pitching Session at StartupClub

On June, 2nd the GreenTech-pitching event took place at the Startup-Club Berlin with exciting startups from 5 countries, organized by Jamal Maxey. Klaus Krause was invited to join as advisor. The participants were:

  1. Hydrobloom from India
  2. ECOncrete from Israel,
  3. Plast.T.Free from Lebanon (Plastic2Fuel),
  4. Autoglove from Norway and
  5. Glocalise from Germany.

The business maturity of the teams differed from early phase to first commercial deployments. But all in common to all teams was, that they all seek for suited cooperation partners and first customers, helping them to develope their business sustainably, with no or just very limited VC-shares. We coould give them some valuable hints from our wide partner-eco-system.

As usual with such pitching-events – this one lasted even three hours – true advice went too short.

Nevertheless the teams – and any other interested startup – is invited to refer to Krause3PM at any time. We love to help!