KMU-Forum “Equality – revisted!”

On May 14th we hosted our first KMU-Forum of the year. Under the title „Equality – revisited! “ we addressed ourselves on an important societal topic, which is in the media very often but however seems to advance not really.

Our world is still and in many ways, shaped by traditional, hierarchical and mainly patriarchal structures and led by males, who perceive themselves as unrivaled, inerrant leaders. The inequality between men and women is almost always just one incarnation of inequalities. Complexion, nationality, religion, social background, there are many categories, which are misused to dominate someone and to draw (financial) profit from it.

With this KMU-Forum we addressed this. We spoke about the reasons, why women more and more decide for self-employment. We shed some light on the fact, that heterogenous and subject-related teams are outstandingly more successful (WeQ vs. IQ) and finally we presented, how you can change from a strictly hierarchical organization, which requires just transmissive members to a self-organized, hierarchy free organization, which requires and promotes transformal members.

To our great pleasure we could welcome some 60 female and male participants. All ages, many professions and branches, startups, employees and entrepreneurs were in the audience.

As we hoped for and intended it, an inspiring and exciting exchange of different and sometimes even controversy points of view evolved.

During the networking part and at our little buffet the discussions were continued 1-2-1 and in small groups.

At this point I like to mention explicitly Mr. Tobias Schnitzler from Vienna, who was supposed to give a speech derived from his dissertation and collaboration with Prof. Gerald Hüther on the topic “Learning and influences on change” and about the WeQ of teams. Unfortunately, Tobias was not able to participate personally due to private reasons. Many thanks to Tobias for his fabulous support!

Therefore, I like to draw your attention to the following links: