The early perception!

The early perception – at First Friday!

Again, and again we were asked by startups to help them finding an investor. This is, as if you would ask us to find you a Mephistopheles who promises you for not more than the price of your soul the universal wisdom of the world.

Instead of earning the customer’s payments to finance your living and invest into the growth of your enterprise, Venture Capitalists are searched, who offer a big amount of money for 10-15% of the company’s equity. But this is just money business, which solely aims on the yield achieved from the value increase, realized on selling the startup, in best case after the startup became successful.

This is, why we offered the second evening already on this topic “financing” together with First Friday by Am@rte. While in February we concentrated on the financial requirements of planters and growers, we invited this time for the March event competent guest speakers from Creditreform Wolfram KG and Investitionsbank Berlin IBB.

First Friday is a curated open network for founders and going-to-be founders from all around the world. Again, more than 60 young people of all professions and branches participated, to talk about their projects, to help each other and to benefit from competent support.

Mrs. Faber, Key Account Manager at Creditreform Wolfram KG gave a speech about the way from the registration of a company to an established enterprise with solid Creditreform solvency ranking, and about the possibilities offered by the Creditreform MARKUS-data base to investigate on market potentials.

Complementary to this Mr. Hanssen introduced the participants to the funding- and financing portfolio, which the city-owned IBB offers to founders and startups. Of course, he referred to the crucial value of solvency and risk rankings to banks.

The participants were excited by these valuable presentations and acknowledged it with many concrete questions and comments.

Once again it got evident, that reliable startup-support must not be superficial but concentrate early on the real requirements on solid enterprises on industry level. Only this way startups in the revenue model can succeed to grow to young and sustainable companies, who will then grow to stable SMEs and future business partners.

This is, why this early perception is so important for all!

P.S.: We are happy to announce, that First Friday and the Akademie für Potentialentfaltung are now officially supporting each other, why we are using their logo here.