Building Bridges – Jordan

KMU-Forum: Berlin meets Jordan

Jordan: a country between modernity and tradition, breakup and change. Highly qualified and multi-lingual experts as well as young and innnovative enterprises prove:  business relations to Jordan pay off!

At the KMU-Forum it’s our point of view, that this is not only due for large companies, but especially for SMEs as well.

Therefore our the KMU-Forum invited for our event on the 10th of April with the title „Building Bridges – Jordan: opportunities for the Mittelstand“. In close cooperation with International Human Power and its CEO Salah Isayyied we intended to convey many worth knowing informations about the Kingdom of Jordan to our participants.

Another very important part of the evening was the speech of our expert for staffing and executive managers Barbara Kallerhoff who presented potentialities and engagement models for German enterprises.

As always it is very important tu us, to put concrete options for actions and best practice in the middle to make our participants familiar with realistic and implementable approache. The following picture gives you a little overview.

Get in touch with us, if you intend to engage yourself with your company in new markets and new countries. We will be happy to support you from our long year experience and our multiple contacts to many countries.

At the Q-Club of the Deutschen Bank all participants got into vivid discussions and networking while enjoying arab specialities.

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