Educators International

Some months ago, Prof. Linda Hickman from the London School of Economics contacted me to warmly recommend this project and asked me to help find sponsors for it.

Phonics By Phone is a program initiated and established by Michael Stark (former British diplomat) which aims to get every child around the world reading, writing and counting! The strong focus is on poor countries including Ghana. Educators International created and runs this project and Michael is its founder and treasurer.

The program uses basic Android mobile phones and a Bluetooth mini printer to conduct reading and math’s lessons based on systematic phonics and structured math’s teaching. For every mini printer sold (directly or indirectly) the project can train a local teacher to teach children and youngsters in Ghana (or other countries with different local languages). Every printer sold raises enough funds to carry 5 children above the illiteracy/innumeracy threshold!

With an average of 95% illiterates e.g. in Ghana this is a huge, challenging but worthwhile task.

So, I’m trying to find partners, sales channel and uses for this world-first phone/mini-printer combo. It could well be useful for migrants or hearing-impaired people. If you are interested to support this project, please don’t hesitate to refer directly to Michael (, who by the way speaks German fluently.