FirstFriday by Am@rte

FirstFriday by Am@rte

In December 2016 I met a business partner of mine on a Friday to have a coffee. Our conversation took much longer than planned. Suddenly she looked on her wristwatch and said: „Oh, it’s past 6 already! First Friday begins next minute. Would you like to join me?”.

Without a clue what it was, I followed her, just listening to my curiosity.

It was just a short walk down to the building of the MLP-bank, right across the street from Berlin central station. Some 15 people had come together in the conference room on 2nd floor and I learned soon, that they all were members of the Latin-American startup community in Berlin. Moderated by Alejandro Wagner, a German-Mexican, each participant presented his activities and projects and then after they were discussed creatively and cooperatively.

Since then the number of participants has grown enormously and I try to join in each first Friday, if ever possible. Today some 50 to 60 people from all around the world, not only from Latin-American, with all professions and ages, meet to help each other on their individual projects. No one makes money from it, but everyone pays in with support to somebody in return to the help received from somebody else.

First Friday is an event organized by Am@rte with a central place for information and communication at Meetup. Am@rte is a project, which defines itself as a collaborative and curated network for entrepreneurs, professionals and businesses, following an almost archaic community principle.

“Creatividad sin fronteras @ Creativity with no borders” is the credo on which startups are founded here. This concept is applying the principles of the Entrepreneurship Foundation and is a wonderful example at the same time, that the co-creative team-work propagated by Prof. Hüther works and is successful.

At this point I would like to mention as well “Red de Talentos Mexicanos e.V.“, the association of Mexican experts and talents living in Germany.

First Friday is also an outstanding prove and evidence, how our society benefits from multinational, multicultural, respectful and tolerant cooperation and how severe the re-appearance of narrow-minded, anxious nationalism among some people and political parties in our country harms our society and finally the world too.