Defora Networks GmbH

Defora Networks - Your warrantor for IT-security!

Defora Networks GmbH is a Berlin company specialized on cyber-security services. We offer all what is relevant in this sector and warrants your IT-security, from customer specific audits, biometrics, and blockchain technology up to penetration testing.

Cooperating with two partners and 20 freelancers we are all-time and even at a short notice available to serve you. We love to work in the security of our clients, even if the rooftop is on fire already. For us security is not just a service, but rather a process. We attach great importance on the design of our clients processes for highest security and to keep them on the cutting-edge of the available technology. Security is a matter of heart for us, because security matters.

We benefit from support by Krause3PM and their knowhow, to structure and plan the Defora Networks Marketing-Mix and to communicate our portfolio of products, customer specific solutions and services adjusted to our client segments. The experiences of Krause3PM especially in the area of telecomunication industry and on quality assurance in the IT- and data sector are very useful for us.