Business planning & qualifying


Business planning

The goal of any business is the successful transformation from expenses into services and from services into revenue, while „successful“ means, that all transformations are positively efficient and beneficial. But how to evaluate whether or not a transformation is beneficial? Is it enough to download a business plan template from the internet and fill it optimistically?

All relevant factors have to be determined and estimated realistically. Relevant factors are required supplies (OEM, direct or indirect materials, subcontrators, service providers), costs for procurement, R&D, supply chain and operations, as well as for sales. Which services shall be provided by cooperation partners (e.g. strategic investors) and which must be provided to customers and possibly to resellers? Required ressources for after-sales services have to considered too, because sell and forget doesn’t work. All costs, even pre-revenue indirect costs, such as insurances, rents, taxes etc. must be taken into account.

Which is the best modell to finance your business? The so-called revenue model, i.e. solely from revenue, or through private or public funding? Which financing architecture is the best and how to achieve funding? Finally the question has to be answered, if external capital is required when establishing the company or later for scaling the business.

All this ends up in the business plan, which has to be developed carefully, conservatively and under consideration of potential risks, which helps to have a safe standing in front of potential investors or public funding authorities. Finally this initial business plan is the starting point for its perpetual extrapolation and updating, i.e. finance & control (F&C).

Never loose control!

Similar to flying an airplane you may never loose control. All instruments and meters must be watched, the correct course checked and the scheduled landing estimated. In case of any abberation the pilot must take action, maybe to give more throttle or jettison ballast, to stay with the cockpit-image.

Krause3PM helps you to build your company’s cockpit, to determine your flight route and the most important flight data, to finally launch your business successfully and to win the faith and confidence of your passengers, means your clients, investors, suppliers and partners.


Qualifying and business conduct

With our Fit4Business-program we help you to

  • develop your financing architecture, to setup the business plans and to document your business- and financing models,
  • select suited public funding programs and to create the application forms to be submitted,
  • find suited investors (capital or strategic) and – on demand – we will assist you on the negotiations
  • and on the setup of controlling mechanisms for startups and young enterprises.

With Fit4Business you obtain a comprehensive support- and coaching-program and will be introduced to the essentials of dilligent business conduct (due diligence, compliance & conformity).

Fit4Business makes you fit, to avoid entrepreneurial mistakes, to scale your business and to develop your company to become a stable and performant enterprise. The program is oriented on the requirements of an ISO9001 certification.

With this program you qualify and document your business proposition and finally you can commend yourself valuable to all your customers, suppliers, investors and cooperation partners equally.