Business Partner Management

Business Partner Management

At the beginning of the industrialization founders had to be brave self-supporters. Starting from the raw materials everything had to be produced by themselves, because there was no heterogeneuous, global economy, offering almost unlimited ressources of suppliers and service providers to refer to. On top national and political, customs and currency borders, communication and transport problems etc. hindered the trade of goods.

But these times of self-supply are gone.

Today we live in a globalized world with global supply chains in an international business network of growing complexity. Nobody can survive as a 100% self-supplier. All enterprises have to contract with partners. Employees, service and OEM suppliers, sub-contractors, customers, clients, cooperation partners as well as public authorities and institutions form the so-called partner-eco-system of a company, in which contracts define the rights and duties between the contracting parties.

All these partnerships will only be trustful, stable and successful, if the so-called equation of success is fulfilled. Egoism, confrontation and competitiveness will certainly be distructive.

The equation of success

The equation of success.

The 5 phases of partnership

The lifecylce of a business partnership has 5 phases. Beginning from partner search and selection, developement and agreement of an engagement model, setup and maintenance and finally up to a possible termination of a contract (insolvency, take-over etc.) partner management is an indispensible task in all companies. Depending on the kind and size of a business this function will either be accounted by a dedicated department or by the individual stakeholders in charge with certain related partnering requirements.

Nevertheless, there are many issues to be considered and the required knowhow is not comprehensively available in all companies.

Krause3PM offers you professional support and assistance on all business partner management issues and tasks. Refer to many years professional experience in industrial partner management and design your partner-eco-system to become an efficient, effective and value increasing instrument of your company.

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The 5 phases of partnership.

At this point we like to recommend the lecture of the expert book „Business Partner Management“ (ISBN 978-3-658-32996-9, Klaus Krause, Tobias Schnitzler) published by Springer-Gabler.