Innovation-Network of Advanced Materials INAM

Innovation-Network of Advanced Materials INAM

More than a year ago the Economy, Technology and Science Department of the the Berlin Senat put me into touch with Jonas Pauly.

Jonas was the initiator, founder and creative motor of the INAM-Network, which has committed itself to help high-tech-startups from all around the world here in Berlin to make the step from the prototype phase into the ready-to-market phase. These startups struggle with severe difficulties because the development effort is clearly higher then e.g. for an eCommerce-related App.

The new thing with INAM compared to other Startup-institutions and incubators is, that the support is not limited to calculating business cases, filling out application forms for EU-funding and preparing elevator pitches. Beyond this, INAM cooperates closely with Berlin and Brandenburg industry companies to make concrete resources available.

These resources may comprise lab-capacities, procurement of materials and components, prototyping and small series production, but as well advice by R&D- and production experts. This allows the tight cooperation, inevitable to make new materials and products ready for industrial production.

Beyond this INAM organizes the annual Advanced Materials Competition AdMaCom. 10 to 15 teams from all around the world participate to advance their ideas and to compete about a valuable award.

Krause3PM supports AdMaCom with a mentorship, e.g. with seminars on Partner Management and back-to-back agreements in the supply chain.

If you are interested to support this outstanding concept with your knowhow and the resources of your company just contact INAM ( By the way, Joans has left his position at INAM meanwhile, but they have a news powerful leadership again.