die gelbe Villa

die gelbe Villa

In November 2016, I was invited to an evening event of a Berlin business club. The evening was about the topic “diversity in our society” and what this club could do to support it. Another participant was Mrs. Monika Ruth working for “die gelbe Villa” in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Soon we got into a conversation and Mrs. Ruth invited me to visit her at the “Gelbe Villa”. Since then we are in contact and I would like to introduce you now to the “gelbe Villa” and their youngest project.

die gelbe Villa” is a creativity and education center which offers and cost-free programs for kids and youngsters. Each year more than 20000 pupils are coached in the workshops and studios to learn in a modern and pleasant environment to develop their potentials and talents but also to encounter and work with each other in respect and tolerance.

Monika, who is in charge with partnering and sponsoring at “the gelbe Villa” describes their youngest project:

“Generation Diversity intends to draw attention to the chances and enrichments of cultural diversity. In different workshops, the children will learn in a playful way about other cultures, will work on differences and connecting elements and will confront themselves in a most constructive way with their prejudices. This will enhance mutual understanding, tolerance and respect. The Gelbe Villa makes available different methods and workshops which all will be incorporated into this project, be it artistic and creative in the arts and fashion workshop, be it through dance, music and theatre, by cooking in our restaurant kitchen or through media education when writing in a blog, or taking photos or films.” – Monika Ruth

Today, when political parties and organizations try to sow the seeds of discord in our society for their own political goals, this project is of great importance and worth to be supported.

At this point I want to address the request especially to companies, intending to engage themselves in a social project. Please get in touch with the “die gelbe Villa” to discuss the possibilities for your support this project.